Healthcare 2.0: The Age of Analytics

Dale Sanders, Senior Vice President at Health Catalyst

While Healthcare 1.0 was broadly defined by a focus on defensive medicine, billing, and fee-for-service, culminating in the mass adoption of EMRs, Healthcare 2.0 is a new wave focused on improving clinical efficiency, quality of care, affordability, and fee-for-value; culminating in a new age of healthcare analytics. This new age of analytics will require a new set of organizational skills and a foundational set of analytic information systems that many executives have not anticipated.

Join Dale Sanders, a 20-year healthcare CIO veteran and the industry's leading analytics expert, as he discusses his lessons learned, best practices in analytics, and what the C-level suite needs to know about this topic, now.

In addition to the cultural lessons learned and the meaningful use of analytics in healthcare, Dale will provide an overview of the technical architecture that he spent the better part of 25 years developing called "late-binding data warehousing". In contrast to the Inmon and Kimball architectures that cannot adapt to the constantly changing vocabularies and analytic uses cases in healthcare, Dale advocates an agile, adaptive data architecture that borrows from the lessons learned in object oriented software engineering and loosely coupled programming. His approach is rapidly becoming the new standard for organizations that expect quick time-to-value and long-term agility in the ever-changing analytic environment of healthcare.

Along the way, Dale will draw from his experience as a CIO in the Air Force specializing in nuclear operations decision support. He will share the stories of failures and successes that led him to the unconventional late-binding data warehouse. The approach is now used in over a dozen leading healthcare organizations serving nearly 50 million patients. Discover the merits of such an approach and listen to Dale discuss:

  • A step-by-step curriculum for analytic adoption and maturity in healthcare organizations
  • The basic approach to a late-binding data warehouse
  • Pros and cons of early- versus late-binding
  • The volatility in vocabulary and business rules in healthcare
  • How to engineer your data to accommodate volatility in the future

Dale has a diverse, 30-year background in IT including 8 years as a CIO in the US Air Force, 3 years as a threat analyst for the National Security Agency. 

Most recently, he has spent the last 17 years in healthcare as a Senior Research Fellow for the Advisory Board Company; Chief Information officer (CIO) for the National Health System in the Cayman Islands; CIO and Chief Data Architect at the Northwestern University Medical Center; and Regional Director of Medical Informatics and Chief Data Architect at Intermountain Healthcare.


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