Predictive Analytics: It's the Intervention That Matters

Dale Sanders,
Senior Vice President at Health Catalyst

Dale has a diverse, 30-year background in IT including 8 years as a CIO in the US Air Force, 3 years as a threat analyst for the National Security Agency. 

Most recently, he has spent the last 17 years in healthcare as a Senior Research Fellow for the Advisory Board Company; Chief Information officer (CIO) for the National Health System in the Cayman Islands; CIO and Chief Data Architect at the Northwestern University Medical Center; and Regional Director of Medical Informatics and Chief Data Architect at Intermountain Healthcare.

Predictive Analytics: It's the Intervention That Matters


Dr. Crockett will join Dale Sanders, Health Catalyst Senior Vice President of Strategy, in co-leading a webinar Sept. 24 on the challenges and opportunities of predictive and prescriptive analytics for healthcare organizations. This webinar will provide attendees with the detailed knowledge that they need to make informed decisions about vendors and strategies related to predictive analytics in healthcare, separating hype from reality.

Dale and Dr. Crockett will provide a history of predictive analytics, including it's use in other industries such as retail, military, national intelligence, and weather forecasting—offering lessons learned that will be invaluable to healthcare. In particular, they will focus on the importance of combining predictive analytics with strategies to act upon and intervene when the predictive models indicate an at-risk patient or population of patients. Predictive analytics are of no value, and can actually expose the organization to higher risk, if implemented without cultural willingness and organizational processes for intervening when risk is indicated. This is a must attend event.

David Crockett, PhD.
Senior Director of Research and Predictive Analytics, Health Catalyst

Recently appointed as Senior Director of Research and Predictive Analytics, Dr. Crockett is a recognized expert in the use of computers to predict the effects of genetic variation. Dr. Crockett will build on Health Catalyst’s ability to predict patient health outcomes and enable the next level of prescriptive analytics – the science of determining the most effective interventions to maintain health.

An Assistant Professor of Pathology at the University of Utah School of Medicine, Crockett previously was Scientific Director of Research Informatics at ARUP Laboratories, a national clinical and anatomic pathology reference laboratory operated by the university. He holds patents for computer programs that predict the impact of genes on disease, and has published over 50 articles, cited nearly 900 times, on bioinformatics, biomarker discovery, immunology, molecular oncology, genomics and proteomics.

Crockett holds a BA in molecular biology and genetics from Brigham Young University, and a Ph.D. in biomedical informatics from the University of Utah, recognized as one of the most prestigious training programs for informatics in the world.

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