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Introducing Two New Products From Health Catalyst

· MACRA Measures & Insights

Thursday, February 16

1-2:30 PM EST

Introducing™ (machine learning)

Machine learning is a part of everyday life for most Americans. But in healthcare the use of machine learning has so far been limited to large and academic health systems – those with access to massive troves of data as well as the resources to afford the highly skilled data scientists and dedicated teams required to turn that data into meaningful improvements.

To help make machine learning routine, pervasive and actionable for healthcare organizations of all sizes, Health Catalyst last month launched™. The collaborative, open source repository of standardized machine learning methodologies and production-quality code makes it easy to deploy machine learning in any environment.

Now, to bring the life-saving technology to hospitals and patients everywhere, Health Catalyst is embedding machine learning as a core capability across the company’s entire product line in an initiative called™. With optimized machine learning models built into every Health Catalyst application, organizations can leverage the technology for predictions such as identifying patients who are most likely to acquire deadly infections; finding those who are likely to have trouble paying their medical bills; or launching proactive medical interventions for patients who are most likely to develop complications.

Together, and represent the next generation of healthcare analytics. With these machine learning innovations now readily available to organizations large and small, American healthcare will be equipped to exchange today’s limited, retrospective analysis for a new era of powerful, predictive analytics driving an orders-of-magnitude improvement in outcomes.

Join Eric Just, Senior Vice President of Product Development, as he will discuss:

  1. How machine learning is now included into our analytics platform and being built into all our applications.
  2. The toolsets we have developed to automate and democratize machine learning tasks both within Health Catalyst clients and to the broader healthcare industry.
  3. Processes to gain clinician buy-in, and engage the best machine learning engine in the world.
  4. Demonstrations and examples of this life-saving technology. 

Introducing MACRA Measures & Insights

Regulatory pressures in the healthcare industry are significant and rising, with growing financial, clinical, and human resource challenges stretching individuals and organizations sometimes to the breaking point.

Regulatory pressures in the healthcare industry are significant and rising, with growing financial, clinical, and human resource challenges stretching individuals and organizations sometimes to the breaking point.

Financial regulatory pressures are particularly strong with the new MACRA physician reimbursement payment model with penalties and bonuses ranging from +/- 4 percent in 2019, and culminating in +/- 9 percent in 2023. · Physician burnout and resistance to these regulatory pressures continues to rise, with one 2016 survey conducted by Weill Cornell Medical College and the Medical Group Management Association finding that physicians spend over 15 hours every week, on average, processing quality metrics. Even under MACRA, clinicians will still need to interpret many reports, read regulations, and understand the changes and impact on their organizations. · Significant human resources and manual processes are needed in assembling these regulatory measure which are difficult to compile, interpret, keep up, and understand their impact to the organization. This effort is even more compounded by the many fragmented efforts between different financial, regulatory, and quality departments within health systems.

Specifically, in this webinar, Dorian DiNardo, Vice President, will share how the Health Catalyst® MACRA Measures & Insights product can help you:

  1. Integrate hundreds of measures across financial, regulatory, and quality departments.
  2. Monitor the behavior, activities, and other changing information needed to influence, manage, or change outcomes.
  3. Tactically and strategically identify measures to take on risk in multi-year value-based care contracts.

She will also be demonstrating this product and answering your questions. We look forward to you joining us.

Dr. John Haughom, MD
Eric JustSenior Vice President and Product Line Manager – Health Catalyst

Eric joined Health Catalyst in 2011 from Northwestern University. At Northwestern, he led the research arm of a late binding data warehouse that served to integrate clinical, operational, financial, and research data. Prior to that, he led the development of a research-focused genome database. Upon joining Catalyst, Eric led some of our earliest clients in implementing the data warehouse and achieving outcomes improvement. Additionally, he provided important vision to our platform team as the first versions of Catalyst’s Source Mart Designer were being developed. He currently leads our Clinical Analytics and Decision Support product line which includes clinical analytics, closed loop analytics, data science, and research. Outside of work, he is a dedicated husband and dad involved in school, sports, and enjoying outdoor life in his adopted home town of Salt Lake City.

Dr. John Haughom, MD
Dorian DiNardoVice President and Product Line Manager – Health Catalyst

Dorian joined Health Catalyst in 2014 from Peace Health. While there for 10 years, she lead an interface team, data warehouse quality and reporting projects and lead an effort of converting to Epic ambulatory EMR. Before that she was the SQL Database Administrator at Samaritan Health Systems. Coming to Health Catalyst she helped Texas Children’s hospital have some amazing outcomes improvement in 2014-2015 before joining product development. Dorian currently leads our Operations and Performance Management Product line which includes Operational products such as Leading Wisely, Patient Access, Patient Satisfaction; and Performance products such as MACRA, MBL and Community Care. In Dorian’s spare time, she enjoys getting outdoors with her husband and dogs and hiking or horseback riding many trails.