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Care Management Part 2 - A Critical Component of Effective Population Health

Care management plays a central role in the world of value-based reimbursements, at-risk contracts, and population health management. Such programs require high-touch and resource-intensive care as teams work to deliver on the substantial promise of delivering patient care improvements while reducing costs.

Wednesday, September 20
1:00-2:00 PM EST

In part two of this webinar series, Dr. Clary will teach five important steps critical to effectively deliver on the promise of care management:

    1. Patient Stratification – How to identify the patients most in need of Care Coordination (this will be a review of what was covered in part one).
    2. Patient Intake – How to refine patient lists and prioritize the assignment of team resources.
    3. Care Coordination – How to assess a patient’s needs and create an effective care plan.
    4. Care Coordination – How to optimize your care team’s day-to-day workflow.
    5. Patient Engagement – How to motivate patients and their networks of support to improve their care by using tools, programs and strategies that inform and empower self-care.
    6. Performance Measurement – How to measure success and understand the ROI of Care Coordination programs as well as using closed loop analytics to drive improvements back into your care management programs.

In the first webinar of this two-part series, Dr. Kathleen Clary discussed each of the components of care management and the evolving importance of it in healthcare. She provided real-world examples, and dug into how data and analytics help to identify and prioritize resources.

We hope you can join us for part two.

Dr. John Haughom, MD
Kathleen Clary, DNP, RN, MN, FACHEVice President of Care Management & Patient Experience; Health Catalyst

Kathleen is a clinician superstar with years of experience as a patient care provider. She is an extreme multitasker, organizes for fun, lives by a schedule, but is always game for an impromptu pragmatic process overhaul. Kathleen’s priorities are her team of care coordinators and ensuring they are set up for success. She balances the distribution of her team’s patient panels, finds efficiencies to speed up workflows, and allocates resources. Every day Kathleen receives the names of new potential patients for care management, and it’s up to her to make sure they get optimal care by the right team of experts.